Monday, August 3, 2009

22 Weeks

So, I'm 22 weeks now and feeling great aside from the occasional back ache. I went to Dallas this weekend for Sarah's 30th birthday and to see my friend Tracy's baby, Avery. It was a fun trip but way too fast! I don't have any pictures though because I forgot to take a camera! Hopefully, I can get some from Sarah. Elle was adorable and is just talking away! Apparently, I am going to be Aunt least until she can say Bonnie! She called me Bobby and would just smile as big as possible after she would say it. I loved it! Sarah called me after I left and told me that she was going to the front door saying, "my Bobby, my Bobby." How stinkin' cute is that!?

It was great seeing two of my girlfriends from college, Katie and Tracy. We went to lunch and hung out with little Avery. She's almost two months old and is absolutely adorable. I loved seeing her and Tracy together. Tracy is already such a good mommy.

Well, here are a couple of pictures of my growing belly. It has started to really stick out there now. Can't believe I'm more than half way through my pregnancy!