Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow Day!!

I just realized when I was doing a new post that I had never finished this one! I think the uploader was messing up on me and I had given up. Now, I've figured out how to resize David's photos so that they don't take all day to upload!

Here are the pictures from our super fun Snow Day! We were happy to have a day off of work to play with our little snow bunny! David got this Patagonia vest for Emery when I was still pregnant. He loves for her to wear it and was thrilled that she got the chance to wear it this day.
Here she is all bundled up and ready for her first time to get to play in the snow!

David couldn't stand for her not to have a sled to play in, so he gathered up some stuff we had in the garage and made Emery her very own make-shift sled! He was very proud of himself!

Enjoying being pulled by Daddy. He got quite the workout that morning!

All bundled up!
Trying to walk in the deep snow!
Not a huge fan.
All in all, it was a fun day! We loved snuggling up and staying warm inside!

She loves her daddy. They have the sweetest relationship.