Friday, November 26, 2010

New Nephew!

Our nephew, Robert Beck Durham was born on Emery's birthday! What fun it will be for these sweet cousins to share a birthday! I look forward to many birthday parties and Thanksgivings together! We have so much to be thankful for!

Congratulations Sarah, Miles, and Elle. Beck is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to meet him in a couple of weeks!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Emery turned one year old on November 23rd. I can't believe my baby girl is one year old already! This year has flown by. I'm not sure where the time has better slow down though because I couldn't handle it if every year went by this quickly.

We had a family birthday party for Emery at Bo and Rosanne's house the weekend before her birthday. It had been a long time since most of us had been together. Hannah, Willow, and Grady were in town from Dallas and Tricia, Steven, Isaac, and Hannah were here from Monroe. It was so fun having all of them there to help us celebrate Emery's birthday. So much to celebrate - so many prayers answered this year. What a little fighter we have. I am so proud to be Emery's mama.

Here are the pictures from her first birthday party.

She wasn't too interested in eating the cupcake. She's not really interested in food period. I thought sweets would be different, but she didn't really care for it!

Here she is opening gifts from all of us. She was really excited when she got this baby doll. She has a lot of babies at Grandma's house but needed some for home. She loves holding them, patting their backs and giving them bottles. So sweet!

Her first puzzle! I absolutely loved puzzles growing up. In fact, I would tell my parents I was going to go "puzzle up" any time I was going to work on a puzzle. They should have known I'd be a math nerd...

Emery LOVES this book from her great Aunt Mary. It makes animal sounds and has pop-ups. Hopefully the pop-ups will survive more than a month...

The next day, we had a birthday party with my girlfriends and their little ones. I cannot believe we didn't get a picture of all of the kids together! Sorry!

Here she is walking around the house with her pretty dress up purse. I believe she was carrying around a bath toy in it!
Talking to daddy.
Posing for daddy.
Her bumble bee cupcakes that I made for my special girl!

Happy Birthday Emery!
Eating her cupcake!

Emery and her BFF, Maddie. Emery loves Matt. She smiles at him any time he's around!

Our happy little family. I can't believe it was one short year ago that Emery changed our lives forever. I love her more than I ever imagined I could. I look forward to many more birthdays and the fun memories along the way!

Here's what our girl is doing at one year:

Walking! - started at 11 months
Still saying dada, mama (well, nana some of the time), hi, hey, that
Trying to say - "I love you" , Josie
Stacking blocks and rings
Plays with her tea party set
Loves her babies and loving on them
Loves to dance to music
Loves her baths, will actually lay down in the water now - used to hate it!
Still loves to be rocked to sleep and I love every minute of it!
I'm mixing whole milk in with her formula now to make the switch - so far she hasn't noticed!
She loves cheese, yogurt, and fruit.
She usually will eat pasta but not much of anything else...not sure how I'm going to get her to eat when she's off formula completely.
Not much of a juice drinker, which is okay with me!

Little girl weighed 17 lbs 12 oz at her 1 year appointment - 5th percentile but our dr. is not worried. Neither am I as she is a pound heavier than I was at her age.
She is in the 50th percentile for height though!

We have had two rounds of scans now since her surgery last April. So far there is no sign of cancer in her little body! We are so thankful!

We will go back to Houston in January to see her oncologist there and have her third round of scans. I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Thompson and Dan and Lauren! It will be fun minus the fact that we have to be at the hospital part of the time!

My Little Bumble Bee

Emery was a bumble bee for Halloween this year. She looked so cute and had a good time posing for daddy. Here are some pictures from her first Halloween!

I love these pictures of her! David captured her personality perfectly!