Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Emery Chain Comes Down

So, I haven't finished doing updates since Emery's surgery but I just had to post these pictures! I will get everything updated soon though.

The Emery Chain came down last week so David got some really cute pictures of Emery sitting in the middle of all of the love links. If you remember, the student council at our school sold paper links for $1 each. Students could write their name and a message to us and Emery on the link if they wanted to. The chain hung in the hallways of our school for an entire semester without being touched! For those of you who have been in a high school lately, things hanging on the walls don't last very long in the hallways. I was so impressed that our students were respectful enough to not touch the Emery Chain. It is such a sweet representation of how sweet and thoughtful our students are. Several schools in town and from surrounding towns sent their own love links to add to ours as well. The support has been incredible to say the least.

The beginning...

Emery in her pile of love links sporting her black and gold!

Emery in the pile of paper links. If you notice the different colors, the blue and white section is from Palo Duro High School. There is another section that is orange and black from Dumas. Another section from Richard Milborn and the mixed colors are from our school. I hope you can tell how huge this pile is. David walked through the hallways videoing the chain before they took it down. I'll have to get him to post it as well so that you can get the full effect. It was so cool to see it in the halls every day. What an incredible reminder of how compassionate and giving our students are.