Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Shower and Ten-Year Reunion

Well, it's been forever since I have posted anything...things have been busy around here. I am now 33 weeks and getting more and more anxious as the days pass. We still have so much to do in Emery's room and I still have to plan for missing 7 weeks of school. It'll all get done somehow, right?

I had a wonderful shower here in Amarillo a couple of weeks ago. I have the sweetest friends who threw it for me and also got me my car seat and stroller. We got tons of gifts all of which are in the office right now waiting for the nursery to be finished!! Emery is going to be very well taken care of! Here are a few shots from the shower.

Me with Tricia, David's sister and Rosanne, David's momma.

Me with all of my wonderful hostesses...a few were missing but they are all very appreciated!

Some of my girl friends and a couple of adorable kiddos.

Opening gifts...these were some really cute embroidered bibs with Emery's name on them.

Well, this is kind of out of order....the next couple of pictures were from September when we went to Abilene for my ten year reunion. We had a good time catching up with some of my really good friends from home. I loved seeing them and wish we were able to get together more often.

Of course, we had to take a cheesy picture! This is me with some of my best friends, Misty, Ashley P., and Ashley H. Love these girls!

So great to see them!

Here is a picture of me a week ago when I was 32 weeks along. Now I'm 33 weeks and feel bigger already. We went to the doctor last week and he said that he'll do a sonogram next time to get an idea of how big she is. She is moving all the time, getting the hick-ups multiple times a day and loves kicking me in the ribs while I'm trying to teach my kids! I love feeling her move but am getting a little annoyed with the jabs to the ribs! I can't wait to meet her but hope that I have at least until her due date to get ready!