Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Emery 11 months old!

Emery is now 11 months old and is doing so much! She is finished with occupational therapy now! She had only been going once a month but this Monday was her last session. We are sad to not see Jennifer anymore but we'll be sure to go visit her from time to time. David is sad about not getting to play with all of the fun toys they have there!

Well, Emery decided to walk this weekend! She took a couple of steps and has been taking more each day. David counted 16 steps in a row today! She's going to be walking all over the place in no time!

Here is a video of her playing. Please ignore the TV show in the background...I think David was watching Dexter. It's very much an age appropriate show for Emery. ;)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 Months Old!

I can't believe my baby girl is 10 months old - well, almost 11 months now! She is so much fun and is growing up more and more every day. Here are the latest pictures David took of her. We were in Abilene last weekend so we took some chairs out to the old fort by my dad's house for some photos. She was very cooperative as always, and I think David got some great pictures!

What Emery is doing at 10 months -

Still crawling and walking holding on to things.
Eating a little bit more table food. So far she has liked Chicken Spaghetti and Lasagna. She also likes bites of cheese, puffs (her favorite), strawberries, peaches, and apples. She's finally starting to eat bananas as well. Feeding her can be very frustrating but hopefully she'll start liking food more.
Still saying Dada and daddy, saying mama again, hi, trying to say dog. She talks all the time and is always making noises. She is so funny. Her latest thing is pulling the bottle out of her mouth and blowing raspberries. She thinks its hilarious!
Loves her baths - but she has for a long time now.
Can stack her plastic rings! Rosanne also has some wooden rings, squares, and triangles that she stacks over at her house. She puts one on and then looks at you to clap and cheer. She's a ham.
She claps her hands and cheers for herself all the time.
She is waving hi and bye now.
She gives the best kisses.
She has become very much a daddy's girl lately. Any time David is around, she wants him instead of me.

Emery puts a smile on our faces every time we see her and we couldn't be more thankful for our precious 10 month old baby girl!

Emery's 9 month Pictures

As usual, I'm terribly behind. Here are the pictures from Emery's dedication at church and her nine month pictures. I have not done a very good job of writing down what Emery is doing each month. I'm trying to remember what all she was doing at 9 months old! It doesn't seem like much has changed over the past couple of months but I'm sure there are many things to celebrate! I'll try to remember some!

It was so nice to finally dedicate Emery at church. Our church dedicates babies once a month and we wanted to dedicate Emery at the same time as her best friend Madeline so it took us a while to find a weekend where we both could do it. There were so many babies dedicated that morning. It was so fun seeing all of the babies and their parents, many of whom we knew. What a special way to spend our Sunday morning celebrating the gifts God has given to us!

We took some pictures after church in her cute little dress and shoes. She is standing up so well now! I can't wait for her to walk! I know everyone keeps telling me that I will not like it, but I am tired of carrying her everywhere!

This was at the church. We couldn't stay in the sanctuary for much of the service. She just gets a little too loud yelling and playing! So we hung out with one of our friends and his little girl during the service.

Nine Months old -
Still in the 10th percentile for weight and 50th for height.
We are attempting to give her table food now - not a fan! She hates it and so do I!
Crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, and walking holding on to furniture.
She says Nana (she quit saying mama shortly after she started saying it), Dada, Daddy, and hi.
She still loves the dogs although they don't really think her pulling and tugging on their fur is nearly as cute anymore. Emery will pull up on Josie and Josie will walk away making Emery fall down. Emery does not appreciate it very much but keeps doing it!
Emery loves looking out our front window. She will bang on the window and yell like she has something really important to say to everyone outside. It's pretty adorable.

I think that's about it! Now, I need to post her 10 month pictures!