Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas and 13 Months old!

Well, we never got around to taking Christmas pictures and putting together a card. Emery was sick for a couple of weeks and then I got sick. We just didn't get it done! Here are a few pictures that David took of Emery one afternoon when he took pictures for some of our friends. She didn't want to cooperate and just ran around the whole time! There was just too much to see and do! She's a very curious (and nosey) little girl...kinda like her mama. She is very interested in everything and everyone around her. I love that about her cute little personality.

Niki and I wanted to get some pictures of the girls with Santa. Neither of them were too fond of him. Here are some funny pictures to enjoy!

Emery wouldn't sit in Santa's lap so I had to hold her. It's hard to see in these pictures but she has an adorable Santa shirt on!

She was letting Santa have it here! Too funny!

And this one is priceless!

After their traumatizing Santa experience, Santa's little elf gave the girls some candy canes and that made everything all better. :)

We had a wonderful Christmas. Lots of family, lots of gifts, lots of laughs. I have more pictures I need to post from our Christmas in Abilene and here in Amarillo, but this will have to do for now!

Oh, Emery is 13 months old now! Here is what she has been up to:

Saying - "Uh oh" all the time! So cute!
Barks when she hears the dogs barking. It is adorable!
"Heeeeey!" has been saying this for a while but it's still just as cute!
She has said a few words once or twice but not consistently - boot, two, night night

Walking all over the place! Her left leg seems a little weaker (this is due to the Horner's syndrome) but we had her evaluated by a therapist and she's not worried. She thinks Emery will get stronger the longer she is walking.

She loves playing with her babies. She will push them in their stroller, give them bottles, and pat them on the back. It's precious.

She got a kitchen for Christmas and has fun playing with her real stainless steel pots and pans her Aunt Hannah and Uncle Josh got her. She also likes to talk on the phone while cooking. Yes, her kitchen came with a phone. Very realistic!

She also got a soccer ball from Gigi and Pa for Christmas and she loves kicking it around the house and the backyard when the wind isn't blowing like crazy.

She got a wagon from Popi and Grandma for her birthday and that is also one of her new favorite things to do. She loves going for rides in it in the driveway (if I'm being super lazy) or down the street.

She has gotten three teeth! FINALLY! They all came in at the same time so that was a treat...we think she has more coming in again. Not fun!

She has a thing for dog beds. When we are over at Matt and Niki's house, she will disappear sometimes and we will almost always find her on Jerry's bed in Matt and Niki's bedroom. Hilarious. She thinks it is so funny when we find her there. The other day we were at Bo and Rosanne's house and she did the same thing, except this time it was Rowdy's dog bed. She had put Poo Bear in the bed too. We constantly have to keep her off of our dogs' beds too. It totally grosses me out!

Emery is finally eating better. She still has her favorites - fruit, yogurt, and bread. She is getting a little bit better about trying other foods though. Hopefully, she will get less and less picky as she gets older.

Well, this has gone on long enough! Emery is so much fun and I have loved every minute of our two weeks together. Too bad I have to go back to work on Monday. Thank goodness for school holidays! I sure did need it! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. We are so thankful for how well our baby girl is doing and we look forward to what 2011 has in store for us.

One more update...we head back to Houston January 11th. We haven't been since July so we are really excited to see Emery's doctor. Emery will be having her third round of scans since her surgery in April. Her last scans showed no signs of cancer so we're looking forward to more good news this month.