Thursday, March 17, 2011

So behind...

Sorry for no photos in this post...I will try to get David to export some from his editing program. I need to have him show me how.

What's been going on lately...let's see.

Emery is now a week away from being 16 months. She is so much fun! I love how she is so interested in everything around her and loves to be around people. She is super social and very flirty! She says "hi" and "hey" in the sweetest little voice and tilts her head to the side while she says it. It's pretty adorable! She is a climber! Very much into everything! I have to constantly watch her to make sure she's not about to jump off of something! She loves hanging out with her BFF, Maddie. They fight over toys but also love to give each other hugs and kisses. I'm pretty sure bath time is still their favorite time together. Emery loves reading now and brings us books constantly. She will sit in our laps and look at books as long as we'll let her. We have to put a limit on how many we'll read at bed time. She doesn't ever want to put them down! She can point out certain animals and will make the sounds that they make. She can bark like a puppy, roar like a lion, buzz like a bee, make monkey noises, and hoo like an owl. She hasn't quite mastered meowing or quacking...

She is saying several words. She's not great at finishing her words but we know what she is saying.
Mama, Dada, more (and she signs this), out, up, ball, Jake (you can't hear the J though), night night, and no

Emery is still a picky eater! She has definitely come a long way and is getting better about trying new foods. I don't have to force her nearly as much as I used to. It's still frustrating but I am trying to be thankful for the foods she will eat! Her favorites right now are Macaroni and Cheese, grapes, peaches, cheese, bread, cheddar bunnies. She also LOVES her milk. We are still giving her milk in a bottle...I know she's old enough to be strictly using a sippy cup but we haven't quite made that transition yet!

Emery is still such a good sleeper. We are on Spring Break right now and she has been letting mommy and daddy sleep in until 8:00 or 9:00 every morning. We have woken up to the sound of her playing in her crib with her babies. She is such a sweet girl! I love hearing her talking and playing with her babies.

We have been going to the park every day and she has shown no fear! She will run up to all of the other kids and try to play right along side them. She will go down the slides by herself and loves every minute of it. In fact, she has been going down on her tummy! It's hilarious!

We just celebrated her year anniversary of being done with chemo! Her last chemo treatment was last March 12th and 13th. I cannot believe a year has already gone by. She has hit all of her milestones on time or even early and we couldn't be happier with how well she has bounced back. What fears you can have when the doctors go through all of the side effects that chemo can have on a person, much less a 7 week old baby! We thank God we have seen no signs of any damage done to our precious girl. She is still little, but she's in the 10th percentile now for weight and still in the 50th percentile for height! She's bigger than I was at her age so we're not worried about any of that.

David's photography business is taking off. He has always loved taking pictures and has taken our friends' pictures off and on for a few years. He just recently started up a website and has shot two weddings. He is loving it! He is also doing baby pictures, graduation pictures, and family pictures. I have been so impressed by how much he is learning with every shoot and think he is doing an incredible job! Now he's telling me I need to learn how to use his cameras so that I can be his second shooter! Scary! It will be fun though!

I guess that's about it for now. We have a few more days off for Spring Break and then it's back to work! I am so thankful to have this time to spend with David and Emery. I wish everyone could have a Spring Break!