Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Pictures

We ordered this cute little knitted hat on and have had so much fun taking pictures of Emery in it. We attempted to take pictures three times last Sunday! Emery would wake up and want to eat, she would get very mad that she was naked, and she even peed and pooped on me a couple of times! It was pretty hilarious! We got some great pictures out of it though. I am so thankful to have a talented husband who enjoys playing around with photography!

Here's one from when Mom and Rich were still here. We don't have any pictures of the three of us so I thought I'd put this one up.

Well, Emery is three weeks and two days old now. She is eating well and is up to 7 lbs 5 oz! We are very happy about that! She is still so tiny though...she lives in sleepers because none of her cute outfits fit her yet. She is eating more now, so maybe she's about to go through a little growth spurt. She is a very good girl and likes to sleep at night giving me some good 4 hour stretches of sleep most nights. We stay in bed as long as possible each morning and then move the the couch where we hang out most of the day. I love holding her and watching her cute facial expressions while she sleeps. She has the sweetest smile and is very expressive with her eyes. I love when she is awake and soaking in everything around her. We look forward to Daddy coming home every afternoon and can't wait to have two weeks with him during Christmas break. It is going to be so much fun to have that time together! I have four and a half more weeks with this little girl...I can't believe half of my maternity leave is already gone! Time has flown by! It is going to be so hard to go back to work. I will just have to keep in mind that I'll have Spring break to look forward to and then all summer!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Look Who Came Early!

This is me at 34 weeks, one of the last pregnancy photos taken. We were planning to have time to take a few more!

On Monday, November 23rd, I got to school at the usual time and began preparing for my first class of the day. Class was about to start when I stood up from my desk and, much to my surprise, realized that my water had broken! Without saying anything to my kids, I left the room and grabbed another teacher in the hall. She called the secretary, who made a lovely announcement over the intercom for the entire school to hear: "David Williams, please go to your wife's room immediately!" We quickly headed home to pick up our bags and go to the doctor's office. They confirmed that my water had broken and we took off for the hospital. With much excitement and a little bit of nervousness, we checked in and labor soon began in earnest.

We called our family and friends--the local ones waited by the phone for more news while the out of towners began scrambling to get here. Sarah and Elle hopped a plane from Dallas, my dad and Marsha left work early to drive from Abilene and my mom and Rich had to rearrange vacation plans and catch a flight out of Chicago. Susan just started a new job and was not able to make the trip right now.
David and I were by ourselves for most of the day and he was a great help to me through all of my labor which progressed quickly. Dr. David (not my husband--that's the doctor's last name!) checked me at 4 PM and said it was time for us to meet Emery. Dad and Marsha had just arrived in time for us to say hi before beginning to push. Mom and Rich made it to DFW but Mom's flight to Amarillo wasn't till 5:20 so she was disappointed that she would probably not get there in time. David's cousin Michael picked Sarah and Elle up at the airport, drove like crazy to the hospital and dropped Sarah off at the front while he took care of Elle. Sarah ran past our room and almost into the room next door before bursting into our room, throwing open the curtain and frantically calling my name as the doctor looked at her like she was crazy! Luckily, she made it in time to help David and me during Emery's delivery. They were both so encouraging and a huge help during delivery, as were Dr. David and the nurse. At some point, Sarah began to feel faint so I offered her some of my ice chips and Dr. David suggested that she put her head between her legs. :)

The rest of the family were gathered outside the door trying to hear what was going on! Emery Jane entered the world at 5:25 PM, weighing 6 lbs., 7 oz. and measuring 19 inches long. She has a little bit of dark hair and her Daddy's long fingers and toes. It was the happiest moment of our lives! We are so thrilled to have our little girl.

Mom finally arrived about 6:45 PM and poor Rich got left behind at DFW to catch a later flight since there was only one seat left and Mom insisted on taking it. Our room was filled with visitors till late that evening, all waiting for their chance to see and hold Emery for the first time. Besides having my parents, Sarah and Elle, we were happy that David's parents, grandmother, brother, sister, niece, nephew, and cousin, as well as many of our friends were there to share this happy time with us. Thanks to David's brother Jonathan and cousin Michael for running back and forth to the airport to pick people up! We looked forward to our first night with our brand new little girl and were able to keep her in the room with us all night long.

The next couple of days were a blur but we are now at home and taking advantage of my mom's help and Rich's wonderful cooking. Dad and Marsha spent the first night and visited again on Tuesday before heading home. Sarah and Elle were only here for a day but we had a lot of fun with them and were happy they made it. Elle was very interested in Emery and seemed to be excited about having a new cousin. We think she will be a good big sister one day! We don't have all the photos of everyone who was here so we will post them soon!
We are now a family of three! We can't describe the happiness that Emery has already brought to our lives.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Shower and Ten-Year Reunion

Well, it's been forever since I have posted anything...things have been busy around here. I am now 33 weeks and getting more and more anxious as the days pass. We still have so much to do in Emery's room and I still have to plan for missing 7 weeks of school. It'll all get done somehow, right?

I had a wonderful shower here in Amarillo a couple of weeks ago. I have the sweetest friends who threw it for me and also got me my car seat and stroller. We got tons of gifts all of which are in the office right now waiting for the nursery to be finished!! Emery is going to be very well taken care of! Here are a few shots from the shower.

Me with Tricia, David's sister and Rosanne, David's momma.

Me with all of my wonderful hostesses...a few were missing but they are all very appreciated!

Some of my girl friends and a couple of adorable kiddos.

Opening gifts...these were some really cute embroidered bibs with Emery's name on them.

Well, this is kind of out of order....the next couple of pictures were from September when we went to Abilene for my ten year reunion. We had a good time catching up with some of my really good friends from home. I loved seeing them and wish we were able to get together more often.

Of course, we had to take a cheesy picture! This is me with some of my best friends, Misty, Ashley P., and Ashley H. Love these girls!

So great to see them!

Here is a picture of me a week ago when I was 32 weeks along. Now I'm 33 weeks and feel bigger already. We went to the doctor last week and he said that he'll do a sonogram next time to get an idea of how big she is. She is moving all the time, getting the hick-ups multiple times a day and loves kicking me in the ribs while I'm trying to teach my kids! I love feeling her move but am getting a little annoyed with the jabs to the ribs! I can't wait to meet her but hope that I have at least until her due date to get ready!

Monday, August 3, 2009

22 Weeks

So, I'm 22 weeks now and feeling great aside from the occasional back ache. I went to Dallas this weekend for Sarah's 30th birthday and to see my friend Tracy's baby, Avery. It was a fun trip but way too fast! I don't have any pictures though because I forgot to take a camera! Hopefully, I can get some from Sarah. Elle was adorable and is just talking away! Apparently, I am going to be Aunt least until she can say Bonnie! She called me Bobby and would just smile as big as possible after she would say it. I loved it! Sarah called me after I left and told me that she was going to the front door saying, "my Bobby, my Bobby." How stinkin' cute is that!?

It was great seeing two of my girlfriends from college, Katie and Tracy. We went to lunch and hung out with little Avery. She's almost two months old and is absolutely adorable. I loved seeing her and Tracy together. Tracy is already such a good mommy.

Well, here are a couple of pictures of my growing belly. It has started to really stick out there now. Can't believe I'm more than half way through my pregnancy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Laundry room and baby bedding...

Update on the house projects -

David is finished with the yard for now...he is going to hydro-mulch and seed (those may be the same thing, but I don't really know...) the yard in September when it cools off a little bit. So for now, we just have dirt in the front yard. It does have a brand new sprinkler system, new retaining wall, and three new trees though! I will try to post some pictures although it's not too pretty without grass. Now, he is working on the new laundry room. It's sheet-rocked and almost ready for texture. He's hoping to have it textured and tiled by the end of the week. Here are some pictures of the laundry room...

David texturing the walls.
David built a platform for my washer and dryer. We didn't want to pay $500 for the stands that go with our washer and dryer...don't know why anyone would.

Some of you have asked about my baby bedding so I thought I'd post a picture from the internet. I still have to find a crib and a glider for her room but I guess there's no rush on that. I think I want to paint the crib yellow to go with her bedding. That's about all I know about her room for now though! David will have to take a break from the rest of the house for a weekend to redo her closet, so until then, I can't really do anything in there. Her closet is a really good size but the door is right in the middle and the closet goes on forever in both directions. So, David's going to tear out the door and put in double doors so that all of the space can be easily used. He wasn't too thrilled about this project but it will be worth it in the end! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I felt her move!

This morning I was lying in bed contimplating getting up when I felt and saw my belly jump! It was the craziest thing ever! So I called David over to me and he got to feel her punch around a little bit too. It made me so happy to finally feel her. So, I stayed in bed a little while longer and felt her a few more times. It was wonderful. I can't wait to feel her all the time now...she had better sleep at night though! ;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

19 Weeks

So, some people have been bugging me about getting a belly photo on here so I finally took one today. We had a wedding to go to this afternoon so I thought that would be a good time to get a photo since I don't get fixed up very often!

We have a sonogram on Tuesday to check out the baby's organs and everything. Hopefully everything is just perfect. I'll post some pictures next week!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're Having a Girl!!

No pictures to post, but we did find out today that we are having a precious little girl - well, my doctor is 98% sure! I have been wanting a girl since Sarah and Susan both have little girls right now and I have this vision of them all being best friends. So, a month ago when my doctor was saying it looked like there appeared to be boy parts, I have to admit I was a tad bit sad. Over the past four weeks though I have become quite attached to the little guy...

So, when we saw the sonogram this afternoon we were just shocked that things had completely changed and now we are having to come up with little girl names! I am so excited about having a girl and even happier to know everything looked just as it should. It's always such a relief to hear those words out of your doctor's mouth.

We go have our big sonogram in a few weeks to make sure everything is developing correctly and we should know for sure that it's a girl then. I'll be sure to let everyone know!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

12 weeks!

Our little one

Look it a boy? We might know in four more weeks!

Well, we had our 12 week appointment today with our doctor. I didn't think it would be a very eventful visit but my doctor ended up doing a sonogram. I was so happy to see our little baby and hear it's strong heartbeat. David couldn't get his class covered so he had to miss out on all of the action. He was pretty bummed that he didn't get to be there. Anyway, the baby was moving his/her arms and legs around and actually looked like a little person this time. So much fun! The doctor said he/she has a really strong heart beat and he was really happy with how everything looked. I am so relieved to get through this first trimester...maybe now I will actually get my appetite back!

Monday, April 27, 2009

We're having a baby!

It's official! We're having a baby! David and I went to the doctor today for our first visit. It was amazing to see our sweet little baby on the screen and watch its tiny heart beat. I was nervous all morning about going but everything is perfect! I am a little more than 8 weeks pregnant and due December 5th. I will be sure to keep you all updated on any news!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Blizzard, in Texas??

Jake and Josie leaping through the snow

David going out to get some pictures of the house

This is the rock wall that lines our driveway - the snow drift is as tall as it is!

The pups always get really frisky in the snow and then they want in after about 5 minutes!

This is outside our bedroom!

The back of the house - the snow just piled up outside our doors

We had to finish caulking everything Thursday after school to get ready for the storm...It's a good thing we did!

So, there's nothing like living in the Texas in the 60's and 70's all week and then they predict blizzard like conditions on Friday. Who would have thought we would get this much snow so late in the year. I thought we already had the last day of winter??!! This is what our house looks like right now. The snow isn't really that deep but the snow drifts are incredible. The wind was blowing like crazy all day yesterday and the snow didn't stop falling until sometime early this morning. So, I'm guessing our track meet is canceled...unless we're all going out there with snow shovels!

Friday, March 27, 2009

SFA home meet

400 hurdlers hurdling once again...

Track meet on Saturday

Some of the track girls

Me and Kate in front of the new UC

Over spring break I got to go back to Nacogdoches for the first time since I graduated in 2004. So much has changed!!! The campus is still as beautiful as it was then, the trees alone make it gorgeous. Now there are new dorms, parking garages, new department buildings, and a new recreation center for students. I was really impressed but kind of sad it wasn't the same old SFA. We joked around about how it's a real university now! We also found out that our dorm is now considered the "ghetto" sad! They were the dorms everyone wanted when we were there! Anyway, we had so much fun walking around campus and reminiscing about the good old college days. We watched SFA run in their home meet and enjoyed catching up with the coaches. It was a wonderful weekend in East Texas. I hope we do it again next year! Here are some pictures!