Saturday, June 18, 2011

Relay for Life

Thank you to everyone who supported our team! We had a wonderful time out at the pretty dirty but we're used to it here in Amarillo. The event started out with a few people giving speeches...Emery was bored with that so she started handing out water to everyone around us. It was pretty adorable and resulted in Emery being completely soaked!

After all of the speeches were over and Emery had emptied the water trough, they asked all of the cancer survivors to take the first lap. We walked it with Emery.

The second lap was for survivors and caregivers and then the third lap was for all of the team members. Here are a few of our teammates, Kathy, James and Brad.

Here is the Drozell family. They had already formed the team "Papa and Jude" and we joined up with them. I have really enjoyed getting to know Stephanie and look forward to our families getting together again soon. I know Emery and James would have so much fun together.

After the opening ceremonies, we ate some dinner and hung out for a little bit. Here's Emery enjoying one of Stephanie's delicious cupcakes. Emery loved the can't tell one bit though.
Then we had our little drawing for the photo session with David. Emery grabbed several names out at once and dropped them on the ground. So then she had to pick one of those!

And the winners are....
Gene and Glenda! I hope you enjoy your photo session with David! Emery decided that pulling names out of the cup was quite entertaining and she ended up drawing their name a few more times! It was meant to be! ;)

It was a lot of fun being out there with other people who have been affected by cancer in one way or another. I loved chatting with my team members and hearing their stories. I hope one of these days in my life time they will find a cure for this awful disease. I hope none of my grandchildren have to worry about hearing the words, "you have cancer." I was happy to be a part of the Relay for Life and supporting everything they do. They do so much for families going through treatment and of course the research that they fund. We will definitely start participating in the Relay every year from now on! And I forgot to mention that we got second place and our team captain, Stephanie raised the most money as an individual! We also got an award for being the best rookie team! Being as competitive as I am, I was pretty pumped!

Thanks again to all of you who supported our team!