Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Funny things Emery says...

Funny things emery says:

The sun and moon were out at the same time the other night. Emery said, "the sun's his dude."  I asked what she meant and she said, "they're dudes - friends!"

A tree was cut down across the street and all the limbs were stacked up by the curb. Emery looked out the window and said, "Hey! Look what the  'beaber' did over there!" 

Driving to the store, she says, "I don't want a baby anymore. Can you put Luke back?"  Me: where?  Her: "in your tummy!"

She's been wiping kisses off lately. I said, "don't wipe off my kisses!" She then said, "I can't wipe off your kisses because they're made with wuv." 

Anytime she hears someone say hate she stops what she's doing to say, "Don't say hate" in a really fast country accent.  Same with, "don't say stupid."

"What your say?" Tilts her head, crinkles her nose, and says it as fast as possible. 

We've been busy...

We are officially back at work and super busy again. I think my blog posts are going to be few and far between and will pretty much consist of photos from my phone! Oh well! 

Here are some pictures of my sweet boy sitting at Emery's table. He has become quite the climber now. I have caught him a couple of times up on the stone ledge that you can see in the pictures. I need to find the picture of Emery doing the same thing...

Found it! Here is the picture of Emery when we caught her up on the stone ledge.

Luke loves playing in Emery's room. Here he is holding Emery's bottle of detangling spray and her sweet little bird clip in his hair. He wanted that clip in his hair so badly and kept getting upset when it wouldn't stay. So, I helped him out and clipped it for him and snapped a photo to embarrass him with one of these days. 

He's such a pretty little boy!

This boy loves his yogurt and loves feeding himself even more. He has flung so much food across the room trying to pry the silverware out of my hand! He's starting to be more and more like Emery...

Speaking of Emery...someone had some fun with her scissors the other day. She has been using scissors for a long time and has always been really careful with them. We have had lots of conversations about how scissors are for paper only and she is a pretty good rule follower. One night, David was meeting with our neighbors about their wedding and I was getting Luke ready for bed. Emery was in the back room watching a show and finishing her dinner. I go back there to check on her and she meets me in the kitchen with her hands out in front of her. I could tell she was holding something but had no clue until she held her hands up for me to see. She said, "it's okay mommy. I'm just going to throw it away." That's right, fists full of hair. Hair that has finally grown out to all one length. And, we had just gotten our hair cut together like three days earlier! So, I called my hair dresser and told her we were leaving in the morning for Oregon and she met me at the salon that night. She is so sweet. Now Emery has bangs and we will be growing them out for the next year. Joy. 
Here's an awesome picture she just "smiled" for. Took her hair out so you can she her lovely bangs. 
Much better with a clip!

Lately, Luke has loved reading books! He enjoys turning the pages more than anything and gets really frustrated if I don't let him flip when he wants.

He loves his car that grandma and papa got him for his birthday. He's not tall enough to put his feet through the bottom yet so it's up to me to push him around in the driveway. Lots of fun! 
 We have races with sister. She usually makes us stop and have pretend snacks, or rescue a cat from a tree, or make a monkey get out of the road. She's always telling us to do something! 

Emery was invited to a princess tea party the other weekend. Here are the babies all sitting together. Quinn and Piper are only a week apart and Luke is a few months older than them. 
Here are all of the princesses enjoying their tea and treats. They had so much fun and looked beautiful!

Luke got away from me after I changed a dirty diaper. I guess he wanted to air out for a little while!  He is very into stacking these days...well, stacking and then throwing really. 

Naked bottom!

Luke loves sliding too! He kept pushing his puppy down the slide first and then would follow him. This went on for probably 20 minutes. So cute. 

Emery looked out the window the other day and said, "hey! Look at what the beaber (beaver) did over there!" She thought it was hilarious. 

Swimming in a princess float. He's in touch with his feminine side. 

Emery wanted to make a fort while Luke was sleeping so we hung blankets all over my bed. We had so much fun building with Legos, playing with dinosaurs, and tickling each other. Fun memories for sure. 

We took a walk with daddy to the park. Emery is wearing her sunglasses, "hiking shoes", and a princess crown. That's how she rolls. 

She's always entertaining brother. 

Well, that's about it for now. School starts for us next Monday. Emery's Pre-k teacher is coming over to meet her tomorrow. It's going to be an exciting year!