Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Funny things Emery says...

Funny things emery says:

The sun and moon were out at the same time the other night. Emery said, "the sun's his dude."  I asked what she meant and she said, "they're dudes - friends!"

A tree was cut down across the street and all the limbs were stacked up by the curb. Emery looked out the window and said, "Hey! Look what the  'beaber' did over there!" 

Driving to the store, she says, "I don't want a baby anymore. Can you put Luke back?"  Me: where?  Her: "in your tummy!"

She's been wiping kisses off lately. I said, "don't wipe off my kisses!" She then said, "I can't wipe off your kisses because they're made with wuv." 

Anytime she hears someone say hate she stops what she's doing to say, "Don't say hate" in a really fast country accent.  Same with, "don't say stupid."

"What your say?" Tilts her head, crinkles her nose, and says it as fast as possible. 


Suzassippi said...

I cracked up on the beaver dam story. Who would think she even knew what beavers were, and what they did?

bonnie said...

She knows what they are from the movie Lady and the Tramp!

Gigi said...

That girl cracks me up!

Snuzi said...

OMG! Can't wipe off your kisses bc they're made with wuv!!!!! I'm dying. That is the sweetest thing ever!