Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Picture update

Proof that my son does let me put him down every once in a while and will play by himself.  I was washing dishes while he was playing and got to enjoy both of my hands for about 20 minutes.

Emery gave Luke a blue sucker from the 4th of July parade.  He thought it was pretty awesome.  He was a fur covered sticky mess pretty quickly and required a bath.

David had a big white backdrop set up in our living room for about a week for some photo sessions so when he took it down, it became drawing paper for Emery.  We had a lot of fun yesterday tracing each other.  I was cracking up as Emery traced me.  I could tell she was not doing a very accurate job but just let her do her thing.  Check out my lovely legs and my ginormous arms.  I also don't have a neck and my head is about double what it should be.   Emery got a kick out of being traced.  She wiggled and said, "that tickles!" about 20 times.  Her outline is pretty accurate if I say so myself.  It makes me sad now though looking at how long her legs look and how tall she's getting.  

At one point Emery colored between her legs and informed me she was coloring her peepee.  You can see in the picture, it's still colored and we desperately need to put some clothes on her.  She has on a partial shirt that she refused to let me help her finish, some pink socks, and green shoes.  I'm not sure what's going on with the orange coming out of her stomach...we have some work to do tomorrow.

Luke eating a banana this morning.  He looks pretty intense.

The next few photos are random.  I'm just going to write in the captions...

Emery and Madeline playing in the foam pit at Cheer Texas last friday.  Emery kept calling the foam blocks marshmallos.

Luke "organizing" the DVD's.  AKA throwing all of them off the shelf as quickly as possible and then prying them open so that he can scratch all of the DVD's and stress out his daddy.

Luke had on one of my old necklaces that he found in Emery's dress-up basket.  This picture is dark but you can see it going across his body.  It reminds me of Rambo and his bullets.  He does have a little necklace around his neck too.  David doesn't think it's very manly or that it even works but it's one of those amber teething necklaces.  I feel like I have to explain it to everyone...

His favorite pose - up on one knee.
Arms up!
Eating an orange.  Random...

Rambo decided to help with the dishes...

So stinkin' cute.

Tonight Luke decided to feed himself some yogurt.  He did an excellent job and was very proud of himself.

After I fed the kids tonight we headed up to one of the high schools to meet up with some friends.  The guys did a running workout on the track and Niki and I had plans of run/walking around the track.  Emery and Madeline insisted on riding together so Niki pushed them and I pushed Luke and Anna.  This lasted about 3 laps and then Anna was done with the stroller and the older girls wanted to "race."  They had a blast running around on the astroturf and getting filthy in the sand pit.  It is actually summer here despite the fact that our kids look like they are all bundled.  It has rained the past couple of days and the weather has been so nice!

One final photo to finish up.  Here's Emery modeling her new headband and necklace.  I did buy a glue gun a few months ago and this is our first time to use it together.  Thanks to Barrett (David's friend and photo assistant) Emery got a bunch of fake flowers to play with.  We decided to get crafty this afternoon!  Lots of fun for this momma who wants to avoid "tending"!



Gigi said...

Cute photos and lots of fun! Love the drawings, the Rambo boy, crafty projects and all the stuff you have to do to keep from 'tending. :)

Snuzi said...

Love all the pics! Katy Jane loves to do the exact same thing with our dvd's with the same reaction from her daddy. Hmmm.